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European Social Forum of Cyprus (ESFC)
P.O.BOX 53364, LEMESOS 3302 - CYPRUS
TEL : +357 25 576904 FAX : +357 25 569840
E-MAIL : chrysis@esfc.org.cy
WEBSITE : www.esfc.org.cy

The European social Forum of Cyprus (ESFC) is a result of 21 years of hard social work by a team of young people from Active Citizens that took part in many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) experienced in the Social course of the Cypriot population in all levels.

Our National aims are as follows:
1 . The Materialization of programs Nationwide.
2 . The promotion of ideas regarding networks from NGOs in Cyprus.
3 . The benefit of modern services for the members of NGOs providing the suitable technical infrastructure and know-how.
4 . The proper usage of financing resources worldwide.
5 . The training of NGO executives in the modern requirements of the Society of Citizens.
6. Training of Teachers (trainers)

Our International Relations: Our European forum is a true representation of support, grouth and progress. Our organization is based on hard work and effort so that our objectives and goals can be met. In order to achieve this we've created good relations and strong bonds with official bodies of the E.U. and the European Society of Citizens.
A reflection of our hard work and dedication can clearly be seen in all the non-governmental organizations (NGOs)as follows:
(1) The European Forum of young Adults.
(2) The E.F. of Ind.w/Sp.Prob.(Needs).
(3) The Active Citizenship Network.
(4) Several Information Networks.
(5) Many NGO from all over Europe.
Moreover, there are several information networks available and many more other NGO groups all over Europe.
The groups we have mentioned above, also take part in the following:
• The International congress which consists of two forums of Young Adults and Young People with special needs.
• The congress of “Active Citizenship Network in Nicosia”.
• The International Congress of the British Council in Wales.


During the week we visited a lot of different authorities and places throughout
the cities of Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos to see and observe their accessibility
and the human behavior towards  the people with disabilities and/or special needs.

During the program there were different discussions and workshops associated
with the above program and a day of presentations of all different organizations
of different countries as well, with short presentations regarding the organizations.

23 representatives from 10 NGOs attended this Study Visit.
Part of the cost of travelling, accommodation, meals and visits was covered
by European funds.

Further information with : Andros Georgiades

TEL : +357 99 438646


Leonardo da Vinci program between European Social Forum of Cyprus

Link to Photo gallery Flavors of Cyprus
and Maria Konopnicka Special School (Ostroda, Poland) :
13 participants (18 years old) and 3 leaders.
  1. Revision of the placement objectives

  • Create possibilities to gain professional experience – acquire new skills, knowledge and experiences in the sphere of culinary competencies.

  • Provide equal opportunities for young disabled people entering the job Market – to increase their chances for employment, and thus help them become independent,
  • Remove barriers that make it impossible for the disabled to gain education and improve their self esteem,
  • Expand their general knowledge of the European Union and the cultures of the Mediterranean countries,
  • Enrich the portfolio of the vocational school by promoting and expanding the scope of innovation in the vocational training process.
  1. Determining the tasks of the Beneficiary

The Beneficiaries constitute of a group, for which a schedule was implemented during the placement, taking into a consideration their level of knowledge, skills and capabilities. The detailed program and schedule of their stay in Limassol Cyprus was presented by the hosting organization.

The students carried out tasks designed to:

  • Get to know the arcane of the Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine, recipes, principles, spices and the different ingredients,

  • Put their knowledge to practice in conditions other than those in Poland,
  • Develop their teamwork skills, self and peer-assessment, and the ability to take decisions,
  • Get to know the system of work organization in group nutrition points in Cyprus,
  • Get to know the technological processes of food production in Limassol,
  • Integrate with the youth associated with the host organization - E.S.F.C - get to know the culture and mentality of the inhabitants of Cyprus, establish positive relations, Promote Poland, their own region , town and the special school in Ostroda.
  1. Assessment & Certification

Moreover, all the Beneficiaries - participants of the project were granted a Certificate of completion by the European Social Forum of Cyprus, with a record of the most important duties, as well as their professional and personal development.

Upon returning to Poland, a presentation of results to students and teachers shall be held combined with a celebrated conclusion of the project, during which the students shall granted a similar certificate in the Polish version by the promoter of the project, i.e. Maria Konopnicka Special School in Ostroda, Poland.

INFORMATION about the Maria Konopnicka Special School : soswkonopnicka@friend.pl and www.osw-ostroda.e.pl

Cyprus Federation of Organisations of the Disabled
PO Box 308, Nicosia - Cyprus
TEL : (357) 2-753-863 FAX : (357) 2-753-020

P.O.Box. 23511, 1684 NICOSIA - CYPRUS
TEL : +357 22 403300 FAX : +357 22 403340
E-MAIL : varnavas@cytanet.com.cy
SITE :www.schoolfortheblind.net

Pancyprian Organization of the Blind
P.O. Box 23511, 1684 NICOSIA - CYPRUS
TEL: (357) 281-3383 & 00357 99657467 FAX : (357) 249-5395
E-MAIL : pot@logos.cy.net

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